Brick City 4 Kidz

From math to architecture, engineering to physics, the world of LEGO® Bricks provides a solid foundation for teaching while using a child's favorite toy.

10 years ago, in a living room floor in St. Augustine, Florida, a mother and son duo started creating and building with LEGO® Bricks. As each brick clicked into place with the next, Michelle realized how much learning was taking place. Having a background in architecture and a love of design, she soon put those CAD skills to work to create her own models for the two of them to build together.

They had so much fun building and playing with the models she created that she decided to offer a summer camp to other children in the neighborhood. Soon, schools started asking for after-school programs and children reached out inquiring about birthday parties and summer camps.

Within a year, she realized what an awesome opportunity she had right in front of her...the opportunity to combine her passion for engineering and architecture with her entrepreneurial spirit, and Bricks 4 Kidz was born.

As the word spread, students, teachers and administrators were asking for programs at their schools. What started out as one mom's playtime with her son has now expanded into a global franchise with more than 500 locations in over 40 countries.